Under construction

Few photographs from the construction phase. The painting work has been endless and Raggi and Eymundur have been doing such a great job! My dad stayed almost 3 weeks here in Höfn helping us out with the wooden floors, new walls, kitchen cabinets. He made wonderful wooden benches for the guest lounge, still I can not understand how put our idea in centimeters and forms 🙂 I can not wait to see the final outcome of the benches, hopefully our guests will be fond of them. The beds came a couple of weeks ago from Rúmgott and today we received our beautiful nightstands and tables for the rooms. Today we have been setting up one room, it is almost ready and we are so pleased with the outcome. The great amount of work that has been done the last few weeks is finally paying off, it felt so good to see one room ready for the guests, well almost at least. We’ll upload some photos of the new room tomorrow.

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