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Hornafjörður Bay Cruise is a touring company that focus on experience in the outstanding nature in Hornafjörður. Our main activiti is a guided excursion on a boat in Hornafjörður with walking tours on the isands in the fjord. We offer regular boattrips every evening during the sommertime or as long as the weather contition are good. Every regular trip starts in the harbour in Höfn at the time 20:00 in the evening. If the regular trip is fully booket we maka another trip the same evening so every body can come with us to enjoy the most specular nature of the fjord. Every regular trip takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes. In the regular trips we sail into a fjord named Skarðsfjörður. On the way back we take land in a island named Mikley where we take a short walking trip in the island where we enjoy the icelandic natural environment which the island offer. In addition to these constant tours we organize special tours for natural experience both for small and big groups. Hornafjörður Bay Cruise aims to create a mixed historical and natural experinces in the icelandic nature that takes special place in the minds of people that come with us riding around the beautiful fjord in the icelandic natural environmet.

Hornafjörður Bay Crusie
Tickets for the tour can be bought in Hafnarbúðin Ránarslóð 2 by the harbour. We can also arrange tickets in advance.
Address Ránarslóð: 2 (Hafnarbúðin) Here you can buy your tour ticket
Town :780 Höfn
Phone :+354 8944391
Web page: www.baycruise.is
Orders for trips on mail fusiasa@hotmail.com